Websites that help with Communication — Writing

Websites that help with Communication — Writing

Coming from someone who works in design and photography, dedicated his career in to communicate through images instead of words, why would my first blog to be about writing websites?

Like code is a language, language is a code... and we all want to understand it.

I say "want" but that's not the accurate word for it.

As a wise Smeagol would say :


That's right, we - need - it .

We've all had that moment of frustration when we can't understand what somebody said after getting them to repeat it three times. Or thinking about a better clap back after an encounter with a bully or your local karen.

It's as natural as breathing and when we gasp, we feel vulnerable for a short amount of time.


Remember the question at the beginning of the blog?

silently scrolls up

"Why should writing matter to you?"

Well, if you're a person -

WTF! Robot click "im not a robot", and correctly) Wow - Imgflip

You spend a good part of your time online. And unless you're some kind of E. Snowden and can roam the internet unscaved from the data hungry cookies and leave no trace behind, it's likely that what you write or post will stay on the internet for a while.

That Metaphor Got Dark Real Fast It Got Dark GIF - That Metaphor Got Dark  Real Fast It Got Dark Metaphor - Discover & Share GIFs

(I promise I'll stop the memes and move to the site links soon, be patient)

What you post online as a professional or on behalf of your company has more value than what you say when you talk to people, because people may forget what you say, but the internet doesn't.

Okay, okay! I'm done with the scary part now.

Here are the links :

Ever tried to find a word for a sentence but could only come up with one that's "not quite right"?

Or you wanted to avoid repeating the same word in a paragraph or a sentence?

Ever got lost for words or needed to waffle in an essay to reach the word minimum one hour before a deadline?

This website helps you find related words that can help fill up some pages or even better, help you generate ideas for a project theme or brand values.

A semantic field is a group of words that relate to one general topic (usually defined by one word).

For example the semantic field of "red" could be :

Colour, hue, tint, crimson, mauve, fire, hot, life, blood, etc...

If you want to make sure that the synonym or word you found is correct, everyone generally uses google to check the definition or spelling.

I use google docs to check autocorrect a paragraph, sometimes aided with the free version of grammarly.

If you want to try something else, here's a link you can try :

And if you need translation, the one site I trust above all else is ** drumroll **

Reverso | Free online translation, dictionary

I'll do another blog about copywriting programmes, but in the meantime you can use this page as a way to open these tabs when you are working on a social media post or writing a long letter.

As a bonus, here's a link about copywriting that's really worth the read.

That's it for the first version of this blog about writing, I'll update it when I find new links.

I hope it'll be useful to you.

That's all for now, have a wonderful day.

Melvyn Swingler

CEO • Lead Designer